Before Facebook timelines,

Before tweeting like birds in the sunshine,

I knew out there was a perfect dime,

To take my whole heart and all of my time.

So the Heavens pointed you out in the worlds mess

To have and to hold mmmh…. caress.

Best gift from mother nature

I can’t forget your mother coz she’s part of the picture.

And your birthday’s September,

Same day as my parent’s wedding promise I’ll remember.

When I stare into your eyes,

I feel it deep down that you’re my prize.

And when I help you out with things

That ‘My hero’ smile of yours always gives me the chills.

So I always do my best ,

To make you love me more not less.

I write this to proclaim,

Loving you for better or worse is my final aim.

And it may come with pain,

But the Sunshine in your heart will never wane.