Days when I think that I’ve forsaken God,

Sometimes it feels like he’s forsaken me

Running to the side of my bed just to kneel

Getting tired of expressing just how I feel.

Can I just get a free pass?

To enjoy life’s vices et all and still blessed?

To have what I want with no conditions?

Yet you love me unconditionally except that very exception?

That I have to love you back

Because you know I really do.

Call it a bromance through history that I’m sifting through.

A man’s patience is limited, yours is just you doing you.

I represent all the sinners,

Those who loved you and still love you

For the times they forget to talk to you

But still use your name all the time

Even when they aren’t in their right mind.

Though we accept the fact that it’s always ‘your time’

Interceed much faster to make time in this world worthwhile,

Then maybe, just maybe…. every sinner will come

And praise your name much more than now saying.. “Let Thy will be done.”