Just when I get a deal for two
Just when I never went all the way through.
Minds been harassed by your apparition
So I sink deep in my mind to achieve max seclusion.

So who fucked up?
So long ago I can’t remember
Do you want me back?
I know you’ll say no return never.

But why’s my memory so vivid
About our past so livid
All the rainbows to love grows
Then it gets dark and so fucking cold

Then I remember your bro
Still see him as 10 years old
Man he must be grown
He must’ve forgotten me though

So I just type and type
Get high and live this life.
Don’t want to hurt another
Oh yeah, now I remember

It was back in September
We were on the stairs together
I could go on and on
But I made a promise and didn’t keep it.

So after all this time,
I still think you’re a dime
But add me to the equation
Won’t work for your determination

I’ll be fine I guess
This J will put me in duress
THC’s infusion
That leads me into seclusion.