I put another skeleton in the closet.

It’s leaking now like a faulty faucet.

Took a ride to the devil’s house

He put a deal on the table but I walked out.

God came to pick me up later and showed me life.


But my patience ran out before he showed me more

I’m on the fence now trying to figure things out.

I don’t have worries anymore

But I still shield my heart not to get hurt forevermore.


So the world called me selfish with a dash of insecure

If you saw what I’ve done you wouldn’t be so sure.

When I elevated myself that’s when friends knocked on the door.

Who’s genuine? Well…with time I’ll know.


Day by day my struggle is real.

In my head, heart and pockets, the reality’s so surreal.

Yet on one hand I want to be felt, but on the other not to feel.

Because that chapter existed once, it’s probably best not to reopen the seal.


But one day I’ll be happy, I’m hopeful.

For that sensation that will never scuff and never return to the awful.

Whence that day will come to my presence.

I will seize it wholeheartedly, with effervescence.6003483105_2106a0120e_b.