Seems my life goes in shifts

Going in and out of work, some call this bliss

But in all my spectrums I seem to see

Correlations between them and trying to be free
In pursuit of happiness

Bringing in so much stress

Granny said it’s all a breeze

But I’m still green so it’s not at ease
Over generations patience seems to quiver

Fear’s worst for my kin who may infinitely shiver

Get the flow consistent like the no. 8

Infinity’s what we want but never desire

As we go home make dinner then retire
Seems the Almighty’s winging it

No interceding just hoping and believing it,

Believing us, that we’ll do right

Hovering his hand over the red button labelled restart
I haven’t lost my composure

Or let my spirits smoulder

I take all strides to find what’s better

Connecting endless thoughts to find if I can come over
Overcome the despair

Try deep breath of fresh air 

Or you can add some flair

With smoke, I don’t care
For we are still young

Lives have just begun

The tempest about to ensue

I pray and hope that you’ll get through.